Sheraton Addis Luxury Villas

Sheraton Addis Villa heated outdoor pool features soft underwater music.
Sheraton Addis Villa luxurious bathroom. Relax into these spa-worthy retreats with a steam shower.
Sheraton Addis Villa private Gym designed and equiped for indoor exercises.

Experience true opulence in our Luxury Villas located on property at Sheraton Addis Ababa, Luxury Collection Hotel.

Our Villas features the following facilities and services:

  • Private housekeeping service
  • Private Swimming Pool
  • Stereo and entertainment systems including tv in each room
  • Separate entrance from the main road
  • Private Gymnasium
  • Villa outdoor dining room
  • Villa 5 bedrooms, Lounge, dining area and study room
  • Villa office
  • Villa kitchen
  • Own parking lot
  • Beautiful garden

Sheraton Addis Villa suite bedroom with adjacent, spacious bathroom.
Sheraton Addis Villa large and majestic dining room.
Sheraton Addis Villa large and well equiped kitchen that inspire lifetime experiences.